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Low Profile, snag-free camera mounting solution for the GoPro Hero Max 360 camera. Flexible camera housing provides a super snug, protective glove around your camera, while still allowing FULL ACCESS to ALL buttons, screens, displays, and status indicator lights.


As with all of  the other LoProMoFo mounts, nothing extra is needed to keep your camera securely inside the mount. That means NO bands, bungees, screws, straps, or prayers needed, thanks to the tight tolerances and precise grip of the mount around the camera...with NO part of the housing showing up in your camera's 360º stitching except where it makes contact with your helmet.


The LowProMoFo's base follows the EXACT contour of your helmet's curves for maximum adhesion via VBH tape, becoming one unit with your helmet without the need to drill any holes. 

Camera Housing can also be completely removed from helmet / base for travel or hitting the wind tunnel, leaving a snag-free base that's ready to fly without worries.

Camera angle / tilt adjustment can easily be achieved by slightly loosening the recessed stainless steel screws at the base with the hex key that is included and stored in the rear of the camera housing, and then re-tightening screws so that they are once again snug. No more fumbling through your gear bag to find the right tool for the job... but most importantly, no more flying a hook on your helmet.


If you don't see your helmet / size listed in the drop down menu, please contact us prior to ordering so we can ensure the proper fit for your new camera mount on your specific helmet!

LoProMoFo: GoPro Max Sleeve

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