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Jairo García

  • Surgical Neurophysiologist

  • Professional Skydiver

  • Adrenaline Enthusiast

  • 7,000+ jumps & over 20 yrs of strapping cameras to helmets


The journey into camera mount design and production began after I purchased a Sony X3000 camera but was quickly disappointed by the lack of low-profile mounting options for use in the skydiving environment. So, I taught myself CAD, bought a 3D Printer, and set out to design something better. After countless design iterations and 100's of test jumps, I finally got it to the point I was happy with the results. Turns out my friends loved my designs as well and convinced me to sell, here we are. 

The current line-up of designs covers the most popular action cameras and a few key accessories used in skydiving; however, I’m ALWAYS looking for ideas and new projects to take on to make our sport safer.


Do you have an idea that you'd like to see come to fruition? Let’s collaborate and make skydiving better, safer, and more fun!

Of course, I wouldn't be where I am in this sport without the continued support of the following companies, which not only provide me with the best gear in our sport, but inspire me with their innovation and industry-leading support!

  • UPT Vector

  • L&B Altimeters

  • Fluid Wings

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