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Jairo Garcia
Surgical Neurophysiologist

Professional Skydiver
Adrenaline Enthusiast


6,500+ jumps and 15+ years of strapping cameras to helmets. I recently purchased a Sony X3000 Action Cam and was quickly disappointed by the lack of low-profile mounting options for such a great camera. So, I taught myself CAD, bought a 3D Printer, and set out to design something better. After 20+ different design iterations and 100's of test jumps, I finally got it to the point I was happy with. Turns out my friends loved them as well and convinced me to sell them. So, here we are. 

The current line-up of designs will be rather limited for now as I have a full-time job in the medical field, full-time skydive on the weekends, and always need more time in the tunnel. However, I’m ALWAYS looking for ideas and new projects to take on.


Have an idea? Let’s collaborate and make skydiving even better!

I’d like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support and their innovations that keep me FAST, and safe:

  • UPT Vector

  • L&B Altimeters

  • Fluid Wings

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