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The FlySight 2 GPS Mounts are HERE!! The mount was redesigned from the ground up to provide the perfect protective home for your FlySight 2 GPS unit--providing access to all ports, buttons, LED lights. The semi-flexible housing is snug enough to keep your FlySight 2 secure during your flights without the need for additional straps, bands, bungees, thoughts, or prayers needed...yet you can still easily remove your FlySight 2 from the housing/helmet without the need for additional tools. Most importantly, the Adrenaline Workshop FlySight 2 housing fits seamlessly onto any helmet surface while maintaining a smooth and snag-resistant profile.


No more landing from an epic skydive / BASE jump, just to realize your FlySight  GPS decided to go on its own jump or is barely hanging on by the audio cord due to unreliable mounting systems. The Adrenaline Workshop FlySight Mount was designed to fit your FlySight unit like a glove, giving you quick satellite acquisition and full access to all switches/ports, while still allowing for easy removal from the mount when you want it out. The mount itself is secured to your helmet via VHB tape and designed to be one with your helmet by being LOW PROFILE and SNAG-FREE (whether your FlySight is inside the mount or not) AND can be flown inside the wind tunnel without fear of scratching the glass/wall. 

If your helmet / size / mounting location is listed in the drop-down menu, you're all set, and you can enter "N/A" or "see above" in the remaining boxes so that your order can be placed.


If you do not see your helmet AND mounting location in the 1st drop-down menu, please follow ALL of the following steps to ensure the proper fitment of your mount.*


  1. Visit FlySight’s sizing guide:
  2. Specify curvature measurements you determine from the sizing guide in the provided area.
  3. Include your helmet model AND size, as some helmets are actually a bit in between these 4 radius measurements.
  4. Specify exactly where you plan to mount your FlySight. For example, "TOP REAR- above air vents" or "BACK of helmet (below air vents)."


* Failure to follow, or skipping any of these steps will result in delays of your order and / or improper fit of your FlySight mount.

FlySight GPS Mount

  • Adrenaline Workshop has a 14 day Return Policy from the original purchase date. Not all products are eligible for returns/refunds. We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays due to global pandemics, random forces of nature, or foreign customs clearance. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information.

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