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The stand-alone LoProMoFo camera housing is  perfect for those looking to switch out their existing camera housing without having to replace the entire system, making it a cost-effective and convenient option for those looking to upgrade or update their camera setup. With its sleek design and durable construction, the stand-alone LoProMoFo camera housing is the perfect solution when upgrading to a new camera.*


However, to ensure that your new housing will fit onto your existing base, please read and uderstand the following: 


At the end of June 2023, the ENTIRE line of camera mounts was redesigned to be cross compatible with each other's bases. When I first started the journey into designing snag free camera mounts, I designed the mounting bases to correspond to the camera housing's width/depth...this was great aesthetically, and pretty straight forward, when I only had a few cameras to support... however, that became increasingly complicated as I started to support more and more cameras. Prior to this standardization, some housings were compatible with each other, but there were some notable outliers due to the narrowness of some cameras (insta360 X2/3) Vs the fatties, like the GP9/10/11 and Insta360 One R/RS. The result of this standardization is that ALL cameras that are supported by Adrenaline Workshop are now cross-compatible / mountable on to the same base.




  • If you purchased your LoProMoFo AFTER July 1, 2023, you’re all set…any new stand-alone LoProMoFo housing will fit properly onto your existing base, as you already have the "standardized" LoProMoFo Base unit.
  • If you purchased your LoProMoFo BEFORE July 1, 2023,  and it was for ANY other camera besides the GoPro 8 / GoPro Max, then this stand-alone housing will NOT fit the standardized base properly... you will have to purchase the standard LoProMoFo (housing with base). 
  • If you’re not sure when you purchased your mount, or are not the original owner, then you will have to message us to ensure compatibility.


* Stand-Alone Housing option is not available for the Insta360 X4 & Insta360 RS 1-inch editions,due to the significant drag/added torque loads these cameras produce... i.e. you must purchase the standard LoProMoFo system (housing w. included base) for these 2 camera models, to ensure they are being used on brand-new bases without any prior wear and tear.


If you’re wanting to regularly swap between different cameras on the same helmet, and want to avoid the hassle of needing to unscrew/screw the housing from the base, then you may want to check out our RapidRelease System!

Stand-Alone Camera Housings

  • Adrenaline Workshop has a 14 day Return Policy from the original purchase date. Not all products are eligible for returns/refunds. We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays due to global pandemics, random forces of nature, or foreign customs clearance. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information.

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