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You asked, and we listened!! A snag-free camera mounting solution for the most popular action cameras, to be used in conjunction with Cookie's Roller Mount* for the Hero 9/10/11/12**. Yes, that means you can use any of the cameras listed in the drop down menu with any helmet utilizing the roller mount, including the G35's utility plate/roller/cutaway feature.


Q. Why choose this option, instead of just screwing your camera into Cookie's Roller Mount?


A. As with all other LoProMoFo housings, nothing extra is needed to keep your camera securely inside the mount. That means NO bands, bungees, screws, straps, or prayers needed, thanks to the tight tolerances and precise grip of the semi-flexible housing around the camera...with NO part of the housing showing up in your camera's 360º stitching except where it makes contact with the roller mount. So when you want to remove your camera from your helmet for charging, trading videos, or set off on another adventure, you simply remove it from the housing, without having to unscrew it from the roller mount!


Camera angle / tilt adjustment can easily be achieved by slightly loosening the recessed stainless steel screws at the base of your Cookie roller mount.



** compatibility with any other version of Cookie's Roller Mount, has not been confirmed/tested...yet.



LoProMoFo Roller Housing

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